Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

Peer pressure can be a most distressing thing especially when in tender age. These days many of us do drugs or drink a lot just to look cool in our group against our better judgement. But is it worth it?
I come from a family of high values, I have never feel any temptation to drugs or alcohol (Not when it comes to drinking to survive in cold temperature, then alcohol is a medicine) but one day I come very close to break all my rules. It was back when I was in school and I was with my friends. We all were good kids, no one of us had any bad habits but we got curious and that curiosity let us to decide that we will drink few pegs, at least for once. Yup we decided and then we were returning to our homes. I have always traveled in Mumbai locals and that day when we were returning from railway station to my home when we witnessed a terrible accident. A boy, who probably was too young to have licence came zooming at the speed more than 80Kmph and his bike was wavering, one moment he was driving straight, next moment his course changed and his bike crushed a child’s leg who was sleeping on the footpath then he hit the pole. We were one of those people who helped both of them getting admitted in the nearest hospital. He died of brain hemorrhage, the hit on his head was pretty hard on that pole and doctors confirmed that he was too drunk. That poor kid he crushed probably can’t ever walk again.

After what I saw, I learnt not to drink and never let any one of my friends drive while they are drunk. I got my driving licence first before driving and I never go too fast, though we don’t have any particular seep limit in India but I always keep my driving seep in check on bike and in car as well. 

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Arvind Passey said...

Well, it is nice to no to alcohol and so many other habits... and that includes not breaking any laws or rules, even the ones that are simplest to break!

Arvind Passey

Destination Infinity said...

Shocking incident. Imagine how many affluent youngsters might be driving like that and posing a risk not only to themselves but also to others! I think they should be taught the value of life and the difficulties of life at a young age itself. Then maybe they might abstain from such addictions.

Destination Infinity

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