Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Drugs are retarded, So don't get started

From my last post we already know about the types of drugs. Now let’s proceed.

How do drugs affect a person?

The effects of a drug depend on the type of drug and a range of personal and environmental factors. Some factors to consider include:

  • Duration and quantity of drug. Generally, the greater the quantity taken, the greater the effect. Overdose occurs when the amount taken exceeds the body's ability to cope with the drug.
  • How the drug is taken. Generally, drugs that are injected or inhaled act very quickly and the effects are more intense. Snorting through the nose is the next fastest-acting method, while the effects of drugs eaten or swallowed take longer to occur.
  • The proportion of body fat, rate of metabolism and, for women, stage of the menstrual cycle can all influence the intensity and duration of drug effects.
  • The person's mood and environment also plays a role. How a person is feeling and the social setting can have a significant impact on drug effects. A person is more likely to enjoy the experience in a comfortable social atmosphere than in a threatening environment.
  • Tolerance to the drug. The first time a person uses a drug, they have a very low tolerance and are likely to feel the effects very strongly. The more often the drug is taken, generally the less intense the effects will be. This means that larger amounts are needed to obtain the desired effect.
  • Other drugs used (poly drug use). Combining drugs can increase or alter the effects, often in unpredictable ways.
Problems drug use can cause:

Apart from being injurious to your health, it can cause multiple problems like:
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Problems at work or school
  • Accidents
  • Legal problems
  • Financial problems

Drug dependency:

Drug dependence can be physical or psychological, or both.There is degrees of dependency, from mild dependency to compulsive drug use (addiction). It is impossible to say how long a person must take a drug before they will become dependent.

Experimenting does not necessarily lead to regular or dependent drug use, and regular use does not necessarily lead to problems. However, there is no "safe" level of drug use. All drugs have the potential to cause harm, not just the illegal ones.

So, Keep up the mantra
'NO' to drugs

Keep Healthy
Keep Smiling


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